The struggle to write a project proposal

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It has been quite some time now that I got a nice inspiration for a radio show. It was quite random and the inspiration came just in the flow of hearing how the afternoon of a relative of mine went. As weird as it might sound, still, it gave me an inspiration to host my own radio show and the idea developed on the course of 15 minutes on my way back home.

That was a year ago, and finally now, after finding myself in better circumstances to actually prepare the whole project for this, I sat down to write it. And right now, I just stopped writing my project proposal to write this blog post. Not to be that addicted guy that posts everything that he does, but because I am in such difficulties. I have it all in my mind and if I close my eyes, I can see myself talking about today’s subject, but seems quite difficult to write it down. I actually took me some good 2 weeks to come to this point of actually writing the project proposal that has to go to my superiors and to the radio guys, and here now, ending a sentence seems like going through a jungle.

Anyways, after slamming my feelings here, something that you can find pretty useful is the guidelines that I’m using to write the project proposal. Even though it is completely out of the area of media, still, I found this very useful. Also, something else I could find pride there was that NEBIU 2002 (I that that’s the guy that developed this method of writing a cool and clean project proposal) is Albanian!

I think that there will be quite some updates about the radio show, which still is nameless. Most probably, the subjects for the show will also be posts here. Let’s see. Stay tuned (somehow)!

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