My very first phone

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I got my very first phone as a gift back in 2006. Seems an eternity now and it makes that phone even more of a legend than it is. It was a Samsung flip phone. It was a Samsung SGH A800 and on the tag behind it, said that was made in Spain.

For that time in the city I lived in, having a phone was quite a big deal. It meant that you were rich and that you are really really cool, of which I was neither. It was a time when having a Nokia 3310  was considered epic and walking around with a flip phone was even more epic. My uncle lived next door to us, and he had a Nokia 3310 and I was much cooler than him.

I remember that the display was with colors, not some monogram two color screen. To be honest, it should have had quite a limited number of colors, but still was great for me. And I remember trolling people with a wallpaper that the phone had. The wallpaper featured a dog playing with a ball, and I pretended that I could take pictures with the phone. After shooting, I would show them the dog picture and would have a laugh. I stopped doing this after being scolded by my grandfather 🙂

I don’t remember when or how it stopped working or why. But I remember that I jumped to Nokia 3310 for some time. This phone is now part of the box with my childhood stuff. Here are some pictures of it (it used to have an antenna as well).


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