Amelie, an adventurous love story

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As part of determination to see all the top 100 movies of IMDB most ranked movies, I saw Amelie. Most probably that wasn’t my first time, but still, had to watch it more carefully. It’s not just another movie, but is one of those iconic and legendary movies, and it’s soundtrack is legendary as well.

I loved the narration and the introduction of people. Is good to start like that with a movie, and it makes quite a connection with the characters. But also the narrator, by noticing the many other events happening at the same time Amelie does something, you understand that nothing is more important than what is happening to Amelie, thus, concentrating the attention at the events of Amelie.

As a lonely child, Amelie seems to be quite funny, especially with the revenge to the neighbor. But still I feel quite sad of her antisocial lifestyle. Not antisocial because she wants to, but because she is not allowed for the wrong reasons. And that makes it even worse.

Great moment when she breaks the fourth wall at the cinema, as if she is the narrator herself, telling something for herself.
The movie becomes very very interesting within 15 minutes of run-time when she finds the box. It’s very impressive.
I  love the attention at the small details in the movie, such as the cap that drops from Amelie in the toilet and the camera focusing to it and specifically at the moment that hits and removes that tile at the wall, which is actually the beginning of her adventure. Yes, the moment what  Dominique Bretodeau gets the box is quite tearful.

Also, it took only 15 minutes to set the scene, captivate the audience and introduce all the main elements that influence Amelie’s life. The thing is that for me pretty much it ended there most of my joy with the movie. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the rest. The scenes with that stalker of waitresses at the bar is a great filler and all what Amelie does as a do-gooder build the plot and fill the movie at the same time. But the bottom line is that all of that until the end when she and Nino get together, are just the little adventures of Amelie and her way to finding Nino and playing with him, even though is quite obvious that they like each other.

So, to conclude, Amelie is quite a nice movie, makes you laugh and see a normal daily life as something rather adventurous. And it is entertaining, I can’t deny it, but it won’t be so much memorable for me besides the soundtrack. And just like when the narrator explains other situations to keep the attention to Amelie, when the movie ends, the life of Amelie becomes just like that, something just like everything else. Nevertheless, still keeeps its status as a nice movie where you can see how someone makes her life interesting and a good example of a good Samaritan.

P. S.
Both Amelie and Nino break the fourth wall in the end during the montage of their moments together. Just wanted to point out their cuteness.

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