A brief explanation why Pop Music is in decline (and that is sucks)

Pop Music is one of the areas of the music industry that is making the most profits in the recent decade or so. And it’s growth has been steady and continuous. And why not? Most of the subjects are for enjoying life, making money, about a girlfriend or boyfriend, about parties, about young people, and all things that in particular are quite appalling to young people. The UN says that there are about 1.8 billion people and IndexMundi gives quite a detailed population structure. So, keep in mind these two statistics as the potential target group of pop music, and meanwhile, this article from Forbes explains how Pop Music has been steadily growing, and the chart here shows it as well:

Besides the fact that I don’t particularly like Pop Music that much, and that personally I am slowly transitioning to classical music and the folkloric traditional songs of my country, I stumbled on YouTube on this guy below that gives you a clear and thorough explanation on how Pop Music today is made (besides AutoTune) and why music in general is in a decline.

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